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Camlog iSy dental implant surgery motor features: 1. Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation A. Push button handpiece B. Reduction ratio 20:1 C. Autoclave resistant stainless steel 2. Surgical BLDC motor A. Speed control from 600 to 50,000 rpm and strong torque B. No noise and vibration helps to improve the concentration in surgery C. Custom firmware, will torque post to +/- 5% of the system value (most precise of any system currently on the market) 3. Ergonomic foot control pedal Easy and quick operation of every function during surgery 4. Compact designed control box with various functions A. Eye-appealing LCD and simple interface B. 10kinds of gear ratio setting 1:5/1:4/1:2/1:1/16:1/20:1/27:1/32:1/64:1/256:1 C. 10 program memory for setting the speed, torque, operation direction, water pump D. Quiet and strong water pump(5stage-control) 5. Automatic overload protection function A. If the load on the bur is higher than set torque, the motor is stopped automatically after 3 seconds. B. For releasing the overload function, step on the foot control pedal. Camlog iSy Dental Implant Surgery Motor Voltage: AC100-120V; AC220-230V; AC240V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Consumption power: 48W Maximum Pump volume: Max.100ml/min Dimension: W205xD210xH136mm Torque Range: 5.0-55Ncm RPM: 18rpm ~ 1562rpm(32:1 is recommended for the optimum use) Program memory: 10 types Weight: 3.3kg
2 - Year