About EquipaDoc

What is EquipaDoc?
- It's a consortium of suppliers that utilize EquipaDoc's digital platform to relieve overstock, demo and reconditioned inventory at a mutually beneficial cost structure - where a supplier gets more than liquidation and the customer can buy an item significantly less than the average selling price / retail. 
- Also, EquipaDoc is a cooperative of manufacturers that pass operational savings to customers - this is done by selling through EquipaDoc which eliminates sales and marketing expenses (commissions, advertising, trade-show attendance, etc.). 
Why EquipaDoc?
EquipaDoc keeps it Simple, Easy and Saves you more!
-     Easy to browse website
-     Save up-to 60% Off Catalog Price
-       No Sales Tax
-       Free Freight
-       Complete Warranties
-       Large inventory
-       User friendly website
-       Satisfaction Guaranteed 30-day Returns
-       Need help, let us work for you… Send us an email or Chat online 
How does EquipaDoc offer the best deals?
- When distributors cannot restock a customer return, EquipaDoc is their alternate sales channel.
EquipaDoc maintains an extremely low overhead to pass the savings to you. How? It's in our secret "operational sauce," here's a little taste - we mainly focus on Digital Marketing, don't pay sales commissions, we do not have field sales reps, and we leverage our supplier shipping rates. 
What's the difference between Constant and Variable marked items? 
- Variable Items:
         - These are limited inventory items.
         - Usually Variable items are discounted more than Constant items. 
         - Inventory rapidly changes due to high demand.
         - We emphasize "When you see something you want, don't wait to buy." - Especially when you have a discount code.
- Constant Items:
         - Manufacturer direct products.
         - Continuous supply of inventory (except Special Deals as marked)
         - We promote high quality brands that provide workflow and functionality benefits to your practice.
         - Look out for Special Deal Items as they happen randomly - Here today, gone tomorrow!