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Diapulse® - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Machine!


Diapulse® is the pioneering FDA cleared Pulsed Electromagentic Field Therapy Machine.  Diapulse has been used for over 60 years to treat patients across the world.  These machines have been used in doctors offices, nursing homes, hospitals and home-care settings to speed patient recovery related to treat pain and swelling related to sprains, breaks, surgeries and ulcers.  

Diapulse is generates a Proprietary PEMF and has many studies describing the benefits of their PEMF therapy. 


The Equipadoc Diapulse machine inventory is available for purchase by Doctors, Distributors, or Private persons. 


Diapulse may be Purchased directly via Credit Card, Wire Transfer, and via Loans for Qualified Buyers*.


We are proud to have Diapulse®  available on our site!   Contact Us For Any Questions at sales@equipadoc.com or call 303-816-8593



Special Remarks 

All machines are in known working condition.These are Refurbished & Demonstrator units. Equipadoc takes NO responsibility for utilization of the Diapulse Product and recommends any Private buyer to obtain a prescription prior to use. 

Equipadoc.com is NOT a refurbisher or repair agent. Equipadoc.com will provide limited setup support via Email for up to 30 days from date of Delivery.

Diapulse Corporation of America, maker of Diapulse machines, is NOT responsible for any warranties or technical support.

All Sales are Final. The EquipaDoc Return & Warranty Policy does NOT apply to Diapulse Machines. Machines are in As-Is condition.

Orders may be placed online or by email sales@equipadoc.com.

Sales WILL contact you to arrange for shipment and shipment related costs - managed outside of purchase price.

If you have any questions - please contact sales@equipadoc.com or call: 303-816-8593

*Qualified Buyers is determined by 3rd Party provider, you may use PayPal credit, or contact sales@equipadoc.com to apply for financing thru EquipaDoc's finance partner.  



There is NO warranty.

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